Always Plan Ahead

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The Facts

A log truck driver for Linksland Transportation was transporting logs to a mill in an area unfamiliar to him and chose to travel there via a route he had not taken before. The driver was moving a load 85 feet long with a permitted length of 100 feet and had to cross a covered bridge on his journey to the mill. After crossing over the bridge, the driver began to make a left hand turn at the T-intersection and the tail of the load he was transporting struck the bridge causing severe damage to some of the wood beams and iron fittings that formed part of the siding. Unfortunately for the driver, the distance from the bridge to the road was 67 feet, which meant he didn't have enough room to clear the load he was transporting. 


The Result

While there was no damage to the driver's equipment, the tail swing accident was preventable and occurred due to a lack of planning which resulted in the driver taking an unsuitable route to the mill. 

Risk Factors

Risk Factor #1

Pre-plan all routes, noting all hazards and potential turns that may present a problem. 

Risk Factor #2

Check all mirrors to ensure adequate clearance before making any maneuvers. 

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