An Ounce of Prevention

Forest Logging Truck 850 x 250

The Facts

ACME Logging won a last minute contract hauling logs to a local mill. Because of the large volume of timber the contract called for, the company had to hire a new driver right away to meet the demand. The owner of ACME Logging hired a new driver recommended to him by a fellow log hauling operation. The new driver was given a full load his first day on the job. 

While navigating a sharp bend on the road, the new driver overturned his truck and trailer resulting in minor injuries, significant damage to the vehicle, and the destruction of a neighboring site of forest land. After the accident, a Department of Motor Vehicle report was run on the driver. The report revealed an extensive history of accidents and speeding violations.


The Result

The accident caused over $100,000 in damages to the truck and trailer. The land owner, whose forest land was damaged in the accident, sued ACME Logging. Both parties eventually reached a settlement, but not before incurring $50,000 in defense costs.

The Remedy

Following the accident, ACME Logging instituted a mandatory Department of Motor Vehicle report screening for all potential new drivers. In addition, a written driver training program was created that required all new drivers complete a probationary period that involved shadowing a more experienced driver.

Risk Factors

Risk Factor #1

ACME Logging did not have a driver training program in place.

Risk Factor #2

ACME Logging did not review the driver’s Department of Motor Vehicle Report prior to his hire.

Underwriting Contact

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