Drivers Be Aware

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The Facts

A driver, working for XYZ Logging, was transporting logs to a nearby mill and was stationary in the left hand lane at an intersection of two highways. As the left turn traffic signal went green, the driver made a left hand turn and the logs extended beyond the rear of his trailer swung out into the adjacent lane and collided with another vehicle. The log truck driver was unaware of the collision and had to be chased down by a motorist who was behind the truck when the accident occurred. 


The Result

The logs being transported, which were extended at least 15 feet or more beyond the back of the log driver's truck, caused significant damage to the vehicle in the other lane, as well as minor injuries to the two adults and three children who were inside the vehicle. The accident could have been prevented if the log truck driver had checked and waited for any traffic to clear in the adjacent lane prior to making the left hand turn. 

Risk Factors

Risk Factor #1

Visually check lanes across intersections to ensure no vehicles that could hinder the path of the truck are present. 

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