Prepare and Prevent, Don't Repair and Repent

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The Facts

A logging truck driver for CBA Timber was leaving a logging site for his second run of the day. Loading delays at the landing had put him behind schedule and he was in a hurry to get to the mill. He had a full load but in his haste to save time he skipped one of his wrappers. The road was wet from an earlier rain. As he approached one of the many blind corners, he saw an approaching pickup truck. He pulled his log truck hard to the right, causing his load to shift. The truck and trailer overturned, spilling the logs and narrowly missing the pickup.


The Result

Both the tractor and the trailer were damaged resulting in over $70,000 to repair the vehicles. CBA Timber, owner of the logging truck, experienced half a day of down time due to the accident

In addition, the logs blocking the roadway hindered other log trucks from making trips to the mill.

Risk Factors

Risk Factor #1

Stay aware of weather conditions that may occur when traveling on log road. Be aware of wet muddy areas that can produce slippery and potentially dangerous road conditions.

Risk Factor #2

Always travel at a safe speed for the design of the roadways. Post road signs to notify all road users of logging and trucking operations in the area. Also, post road conditions for limited visibility, to limit speed, or hilly areas on the log road. Implement an emergency response plan for all logging and trucking operations for both injury and property loss.


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