Yield the Right of Way

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The Facts

A log truck driver for A-1 Logging Company just delivered his third run of the day at the mill. Since the driver gets paid by the load, he was in a hurry to get back to the log site to complete one more run before the mill closed. Because he was in a hurry the driver sped up as he saw the traffic light turn, driving through a red light. As the truck entered the intersection a passenger car came from the right. In an attempt to avoid an accident the driver pulled his truck hard to the left, causing the load to shift. The truck and trailer overturned, spilling the logs and hitting the passenger car.

The Result

The passenger car was totaled and there were personal injuries to the occupants. The case was settled out of court for $225,000. The tractor and trailer were damaged, resulting in $85,000 worth of repairs. The owner of A-1 Logging Company lost a full day of production due to the accident, and the driver was ticketed. Even worse, A-1 made the evening news.


The Remedy

  • Prioritize safety above production. Conduct scheduled safety meetings with varying topics on driver safety and vehicle inspection and maintenance.
  • Review all accidents in detail and present your findings at your safety meetings.
  • Consider using the DOT’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) to manage your fleet’s driver and maintenance compliance.
  • Contact your insurance agent for safety resources and assistance from your carrier’s loss control specialists.
  • Change the culture in your company—employees watch and follow the example of the owner and the supervisors.

Risk Factors

Risk Factor #1

Paying drivers by the load or by tonnage may make them think more about how many loads they can deliver in a day than safety concerns.

Risk Factor #2

The driver failed to yield the right-of-way. Most right-of-way accidents happen at an intersection because the driver fails to yield, disregards traffic signals, or runs a stop sign.


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