Crash & Splash


The Facts

Maracat HM Consulting of New York was hired to perform runway roughness inspections in Denmark. The firm rented corporate apartments several miles from the local airport.

Each employee1 rented a car because they were performing inspections at different times of the day during varying weather conditions. On a snowy Tuesday morning one inspector awoke and realized his alarm had failed to go off. After taking a quick shower he rushed out of the apartment and started to drive to the airport.

Five minutes into his commute he ran over and seriously injured a pedestrian.2 The policeman charged him with “Driving Too Fast for Conditions” and he was subsequently arrested. After posting a $200 bail he was quickly released. When he returned to the rented corporate apartment, he discovered the shower door was open and the running water covered the bathroom floor. The running water also caused property damage to the unit below.


The Result

The International P/C policy paid for the following:

  1. The premises liability claim resulting in legal damages. The damages are not covered by the employer’s U.S. general liability policy.
  2. Property damage to the rented apartment and the water damaged unit below.
  3. Cost of bail bond required because of the auto accident and traffic law violation.
  4. Bodily injury damage for the pedestrian’s injuries.
  5. Collision damage to the rented auto.

Policy Facts

Policy Fact #1

The International P/C policy includes Business Auto Liability and Physical Damage for hired autos.

Policy Fact #2

The International P/C policy includes Employers Liability and Premises Liability coverage.

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