Jackson Lewis Risk Management Services

Jackson Lewis is Victor's Non-Profit risk management partner and one of the nation's largest and finest employment law firms providing representation to management in the defense of harassment, discrimination, wrongful discharge and other workplace related claims.

When your clients are insured with Victor they get free access to the following:

In addition, Jackson Lewis will provide at a discounted rate the following services:

  • Development or review of employee handbooks and other employment practices documentation.
  • Presentation of supervisory training programs addressing harassment, discrimination and other employment issues.
  • Risk management audits of wage-hour and overtime practices; harassment avoidance programs; union-avoidance programs; record keeping and other compliance efforts; and, other aspects of your company’s employment practices.

To utilize Jackson Lewis’ risk management services, please contact James J. Panzini, Esq., a member of Jackson Lewis LLP, at (973) 451-6349 or panzinij@jacksonlewis.com.

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