2020 Professional Liability Policy Changes

For more than 60 years, the Victor and CNA professional liability program has maintained a solid and stable base policy while introducing innovative expansions of coverage. As the design and construction industry has evolved, so has our policy.

At its base, the professional liability policy provides coverage for current and former employees of your firm who, in the scope of their duties, perform professional services for the firm. Recent expansions of coverage include allowing you to hire a retired partner as a consultant for a specific client or project, or providing coverage for any leased personnel. These expansions enable you to staff your practice and projects with the personnel best suited for the job.

Significant changes to the 2020 version of the policy include:

We have expanded the definition of the term insured in a significant way, highlighting our commitment to serving the needs of the changing A&E marketplace. A simple change like expanding the term “insured” gives you:

  • more effective responses to project proposals that require additional staffing;
  • maximum flexibility in acquiring the best talent; and
  • assistance with management of colleague costs and benefits.

In addition, this new expansion of coverage can help you with:

  • transformational projects, such as when you have an expansive project that requires specific or functional areas of needed specialization;
  • overburdened deadlines, such as when you bring on workers to handle the rush of a particularly difficult project; and
  • special connections, such as when you hire individuals due to their relationships or connections with a specific project or owner.

At Victor and CNA, we strive to be active partners in helping to grow your professional practice, and the design and construction industry as a whole. Our mission is to consistently create superior products and to provide outstanding service and exceptional value to each and every policyholder. Our goal is to be recognized as an elite specialty insurance provider and distributor and grow through valued service, innovation, and expertise.

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