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Claims reported on or after August 1, 2019

Effective August 1, 2019, Everest Insurance® claim professionals will assume direct handling of all claims. When reporting any new claim on or after August 1, 2019 (regardless of policy effective date) please contact Everest Claim Department via one of the options below.

Email Claim Reporting:
24-Hour Toll-Free Phone Reporting: (833) 916-0055

Please use the 24-hour toll free reporting service to immediately report the following incidents: 

  • Major collision loss (rollover, severe damage to top of your vehicle)
  • Accident involving fatality, multiple injuries, and or severe injuries,  including loss of limb(s), burns, head injuries
  • Multiple vehicle accident
  • Fatality
  • Multiple injuries

Please be sure to have your policy number available at the time of reporting.

Claims reported prior to February 1, 2018

For General Liability, Commercial Auto Liability and Automobile Physical Damage Claims reported PRIOR TO February 1, 2018, or for inquiries regarding currently open general liability claims, please continue to contact the assigned handling examiners at Sedgwick Claims Management Services.  Existing claims reported prior to the February 1 date will be handled to conclusion by the current examiner.  If you do not have direct dial information for existing claims, you may obtain contact information via the Sedgwick Customer Care Center at (855) 636-6880 or

Underwriting Contact

Peter Elmalis
(916) 274-8780 

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