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Claims for all coverage’s currently offered by Victor’s Energy program are being handled by the York Risk Service Group, a third party claims administrator with the skills and expertise to promptly handle any claims anticipated through our program.

The following information is designed to assist our insureds in reporting any claim/incident or near miss. Remember, it is always better to document an event and take pictures today rather than trying to remember something that may have happened days or weeks before.  If at any point in the process you have questions, do not hesitate to use the contact list below for assistance.

Claims Reporting Procedure

All claims regardless of severity or location should be reported to the YORK’s Claims Intake Center. YORK provides an efficient way for our clients to submit new losses via a dedicated call in number. 

Telephone: 866-391-YORK (9675)
Fax: 973-404-9002

Download the Driver Accident Worksheet 


To expedite the handling of your newly reported loss, please be sure to include your YORK Client Code with each new loss report.

The YORK Client Code is 6687  for the MunichRe/Victor O. Schinnerer & Company program.
Notices that do not require action (“incident reports”) should be clearly denoted when reported.

The YORK’s First Report of Center  will review all claims notices upon receipt and assign to the correct YORK handling branch office  A claim acknowledgement will then be transmitted to the designated individual advising of the YORK claim number and the adjuster assigned to the claim.

Additional methods for corresponding to YORK

York Risk Services Group
Attn Claim Intake
PO Box 183188
Columbus, OH 43218-3188

Key Contacts

Judy Andry
Director, Client Services        
(516) 214-9372

Paulette Rosenfeld
Claims Unit Mgr                                                
(321) 578-5078

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