Four Components of Executive Assistance Services

Medical Assistance

  • Emergency medical evacuation, when adequate medical facilities are not available locally.
  • Repatriation, to the country of which the employee is a citizen or resident, when medically necessary.
  • Hospital admission deposit of $10,000 (US).
  • Medical monitoring, including regular communication to someone designated by the employee.
  • Dispatch of a doctor or specialist when the employee’s condition cannot be adequately assessed locally.  

Personal Assistance

  • Pre-trip medical referral information that provides multilingual doctors and contact information for hospitals.
    Arrangements to transport emergency medication as needed.  
  • Embassy and consular information.
  • Lost document assistance for replacing important documents such as passports or credit cards.
  • Emergency message transmission.
  • Emergency cash (up to $1,000 in local currency).
  • Access to local attorneys.
  • Emergency translator or interpreter services or referrals.
  • Benefits verification and claims assistance.    

Travel Assistance, when an employee is hospitalized or evacuated

  • Return of traveling companion and dependents.
  • Return of vehicle to a rental agency.
  • Emergency family travel arrangements to join a hospitalized employee.  

Security Assistance

  •  Travel security information.
  • A security support center staffed by professional consultants.

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