Special Event and Weather Coverage

Several coverage options are available to protect against the risks associated with events.

Weather insurance - Covers financial loss due to an event cancellation because of predetermined weather conditions. The financial loss can occur from reduced ticket sales, lower concession income, appearance fees, equipment rental, etc.

Event cancellation insurance - Protects against cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption or relocation. Causes may be power failure, damage to venues or lack of access, flood or earthquake, adverse weather conditions, non-appearance of key individuals, and so on.  This also covers the financial loss aspect.

Liquor liability - Provides liability coverage for claims related to the selling/consuming of liquor.  Damages stem from claims usually involving intoxicated people. Business that sell liquor can be held liable for injuries their intoxicated patrons do to themselves, or for accidents determined to be the fault of someone intoxicated.

Tenant user liability - Covers the event and activities held by a tenant at rented premises and provides liability coverage arising out of the use of the premises by the declared tenant. It protects the tenants/users and the premises owner against claims from third parties who may experience an injury or obtain property damage as a result of participation in the covered event.


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